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Who are we

noa is a Dubai-based e-commerce marketplace platform with an innovative business model that revolutionizes retail by eliminating delivery time to zero and slashing last-mile delivery costs. Our order and delivery model is globally unique: instead of fulfilling orders, we bring mobile stores to our consumers, when we know they need them. We live by “better for you, and better for our planet”, and this applies to our employees, our partners, and our consumers.

noa has been established in 2022 in Dubai, and is aiming to grow worldwide…..

Inspired from the past & built for a sustainable future

noa brings to your door selected merchants that we guarantee are the most eco-friendly, safe and healthy suppliers in the market.

Not too long ago, specialised merchants would bring their produce to your grandma’s door. Without the benefit of AI, she received fresh milk in a glass bottle, every morning.


noa is committed to leading by example in environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance issues.

By 2030, noa has pledged to reach carbon neutrality and it is working with merchants and consumers across its ecosystem to slash xyz of carbon emissions by 2035.


We only work we eco-friendly merchants, plastic free…


We cut last-mile delivery costs


Eliminate time spend on repacking and returning products


By 2025 our fleet will be 100% EV

Our core team

Steve Carell


Jenna Fischer


John Krasinski